Tooth Extraction

Dr. Olga Dontsova and Dr. Victor Klevnoy are committed to reducing any stress you might feel about tooth extraction by minimizing any discomfort through the use of proven, effective anesthesia (numbing) and sedation methods. Their gentle, caring approach will put you at ease. Many patients tell us that the anticipation of the tooth extraction was more stressful than the procedure itself. 

If you are experiencing any pain, have a broken, abscessed, or decayed tooth, please call us at (503) 788 0405

It’s not a fun topic to mention, but here are situations when it is necessary to remove a tooth. Whenever possible, we try to do everything in our power to save teeth, knowing how important they are in maintaining both oral and overall health. But, at times, tooth extraction may be unavoidable. 

At PDX Smile Design, we recommend a tooth extraction only as of the last option and do not consider tooth extraction a complete standalone dental procedure. In most cases, additional actions and procedures are necessary to restore the function and appearance of your smile affected by the extracted tooth.

In almost all cases, the tooth that has been extracted due to decay, fracture, or trauma will need to be replaced with either an implant and a crown or a dental bridge.

Teeth might need to be extracted and replaced with implants or dental bridges when they are:

  •  Fractured or broken and therefore have a poor long-term survival prognosis
  •  Weakened due to infection or decay and might be impossible to save
  •  Affected by severe periodontal problems (gum disease) and are loose due to the loss of supporting structures (bone and gum tissue)
  •  Abscessed (both the tooth pulp and other tooth structures have deteriorated from the inside due to infection that can spread to the jawbone and the rest of your body)

Some teeth might require extraction for other reasons, such as allowing enough space for other teeth to come in or to be moved into the right places. In this case, they will be replaced by other natural teeth rather than implants, crowns, and bridges.

Teeth might need to be extracted to create more space for other teeth to move into the right place if:

  •  An orthodontic treatment, such as braces or Invisalign, is required because teeth are misaligned or crowded (there is not enough room to put teeth in proper position)
  •  Baby teeth did not fall out in time to allow permanent teeth to come in 

If a missing tooth is not replaced in the appropriate amount of time, it can lead to a cascade of dental problems that might be difficult (and expensive) to correct: the bone that supported the extracted tooth will recede, the adjoining teeth will, in time, move towards space the extracted tooth used to occupy and the opposing tooth will also try to fill that space by continuously erupting.

Missing teeth can also lead to a misbalance in your occlusion (or bite) by overloading the remaining teeth, which might cause many problems affecting the entire body. For example, not having enough teeth can lead to headaches and bone loss. Not having enough teeth to chew food properly can also lead to poor nutrition and digestion. 

Therefore, it is highly important to adhere to the treatment plan designed by your dentist that will include options for replacing teeth. 

Another common reason for tooth extractions is problematic wisdom teeth, also called third molars.

Wisdom teeth might need to be extracted if they:

  •  Did not fully erupt and are located at an angle within the bone (impacted)
  •  Developed decay and infection (which is common due to difficulties with brushing and flossing)
  •  Cause discomfort, pain, or swelling of the gum tissue

At PDX Smile Design, our dentists are highly experienced in performing both simple and surgical extractions. They will start with a thorough dental exam and will provide a detailed explanation of the extraction procedure, options for replacing an extracted tooth and will give you all the necessary home care instructions.

We offer the best to our patients. The highest standards of work are our must!