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Dr Olga Dontsova is always looking for new opportunities and innovations that can help people get the smile of their dreams. Here you can read about the latest technologies and get advice from a specialist.


If you have a question about services that is not listed here please call (503) 788-0405
3d digital scanner iTero

Using iTero 3D intraoral scanning, we can take a digital impression of your teeth without the messy trays or tickle in your throat. We use this system to plan your Invisalign treatment. We design a custom treatment using 3D computer models and show you what the final position and smile will look like before we start. Our digital scanner will show you future results in just a matter of minutes by taking impressions of your mouth.

We use Bitepod

A revolutionary new tool — to reduce the length of treatment for our Invisalign patients. This oral appliance is used 20 minutes per day, and the gentle vibrations trigger faster tooth alignment and bone remodeling. Plus, our orthodontic brackets are custom made from Progressive, for the highest quality and accuracy in care. 3D Imaging system makes our practice state-of-the-art 3D technology. It gives Dr. Dontsova and Dr. Viktor very accurate information to provide treatment with full confidence. 3D Scan products crystal-clear digital images while minimizing exposure to radiation.

Intra-oral camera

Our patients are familiar with the latest technology and are more comfortable with the high-tech practice. Computers and TV screens are our primary method of information delivery processing. Dr. Olga Dontsova and Dr. Victor Khlevnoy use intraoral camera technology that helps enhance your understanding of the diagnosis. An intraoral camera is a very small camera. This tiny camera reaches easily any particular area Dr. Olga Dontsova or Dr. Victor Khlevnoy need to view clear and precise. With clear, enlarged images, you see details that may be missed by mirror examinations and it's much more convenient too. Intraoral cameras create digital images in our office computer to provide a permanent record of treatments. These treatments can be printed out for you, other specialists, your lab or insurance companies.

Diagnodent Laser

Dr. Olga Dontsova and Dr. Khlevnoy use laser to accurately detect dental decay. A small instrument passes light through enamel and measures fluorescence. Any decay or weakening of the enamel surface will produce some fluorescence by the light and will be detected by the instrument. It helps in creating precise prognosis of treatment, so your treatment plan or preventive therapy were clear for you for years ahead.

Digital X-rays. Spear Educational Video System

Spear Educational system is powered by new tablet app. Dr. Olga Dontsova and Dr. Victor Khlevnoy use the Spear Patient Education platform to provide better understanding of treatment process for their patients. It create chairside discussions, which is free of fear and anxiety with animated, research-driven videos. Dr. Olga Dontsova and Dr. Victor Khlevnoy always take extra time to clear any questions which may appear, especially on more complex cases. Videos can be emailed to our patients, shared via text message or printed as custom handouts.

Esthetic imaging

A beautiful, attractive smile always leaves a lasting first impression. Unfortunately, most patients are not able to see this unless they go through treatment. PDX Smile Design implemented an imaging software that allows patient to see what your smile and teeth would look like after treatment. The images are realistic, reliable and life like. You can “drive” your smile before you buy it. The ability for our patients to evaluate the final result before beginning treatment gives extra confidence and stress free experience. If you, your friends, or family member would like to experience esthetic imaging, please call our office.

Orascoptic magnification glasses

Exceptional visibility is a necessity for everything from routine exams to invasive procedures. At PDX Smile Design we use a range of surgical magnifications. Dr. Olga Dontsova and Dr. Victor Khlevnoy constantly have their work on display in every smile that walks out of their practice. Dental procedures require unique skill and precision, leaving dentists to often endure unnatural working positions for long durations. PDX Smile Design doctors use only industry leader product.

Henry Schein Orthodontics systems

Henry Schein is a leader in orthodontics products. The dedication to practice efficiencies and to advancing the state-of-the-art of patient care is evident. Patient`s comfort and best results of work are priorities at PDX Smile Design. Our patients are so lucky to experience the beauty, comfort, and the extraordinary performance of the Henry Schein Carriere® SLX 3D™ System.

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TK Fedoroff
I recently chipped my tooth and was quite anxious about it. The staff at PDX Smile Design was very attentive and scheduled me the same week for the procedure, they were very flexible with my difficult schedule, which I appreciate a lot.   read more
Irina Pavlenko
I had a great experience at the clinic today. Very beautiful office and you get personal (I mean, literally) attention from all the staff. Gentle hands - great results!   read more