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Digital Smile Design
The future of dentistry is digital. And for the patients of PDX Smile Design, the future is here today.

In fact, we invite you to get a tour of our office to see how much effort we put into providing an advanced combination of hi-tech features (such as 3D scanners and digital imaging equipment)

Why Invisalign is clearly the right choice compared to DIY mail-in aligners for straightening teeth

In our personal lives, when it comes down to fixing complicated equipment and mechanisms we do not know much about, we always rely on the knowledge and expertise of trained professionals

Installing dental implants our blog
What are dental implants? Dental implants consist of three equally important parts

Even people who are missing all of their teeth can benefit greatly from getting dental implants. Some techniques allow the use of as few as four implants to provide much greater support for upper and lower dentures.

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TK Fedoroff
I recently chipped my tooth and was quite anxious about it. The staff at PDX Smile Design was very attentive and scheduled me the same week for the procedure, they were very flexible with my difficult schedule, which I appreciate a lot.   read more
Irina Pavlenko
I had a great experience at the clinic today. Very beautiful office and you get personal (I mean, literally) attention from all the staff. Gentle hands - great results!   read more