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Digital Smile Design

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The future of dentistry is digital. And for the patients of PDX Smile Design, the future is here today.

In fact, we invite you to get a tour of our office to see how much effort we put into providing an advanced combination of hi-tech features (such as 3D scanners and digital imaging equipment) with a warm and friendly atmosphere that only a team of caring humans can create.

The technological advances in dentistry over the last two decades have made modern dental offices almost unrecognizable. They have required dentists to re-imagine what is possible in terms of diagnostics, treatment methods, clinical precision and patient comfort.

Dr. Olga Dontsova and Dr. Victor Khlevnoy of PDX Smile Design strongly believe that new technology works best in the hands of dentists who have in-depth knowledge in the fundamental principals of anatomy, biology, facial aesthetics and smile design. These principals form the foundation for designing beautiful smiles and achieving lasting results. At PDX Smile Design, we strive to achieve the perfect balance between art, science and technology of dentistry.


What is so different about digital dentistry?

In the past, one of the main limitations in dentistry was the fact that most imaging, including x-rays and dental photographs only provided two-dimensional information. The digital scanning technology and imaging software that we currently use in our dental office allows us to quickly capture the images of patients' teeth with a level of comfort and precision that was unattainable before. The scans are then used to generate 3D virtual models of upper and lower jaws.

By combining this data with a series of high quality digital photographs of your face and diagnostic videography, we are able to render an image of your most natural smile that is harmonized with your own facial features before we even begin the actual treatment process.


What is involved and how can I benefit from all this new technology?

This technology is often referred to as Digital Smile Design and it allows us to change (dial in) every parameter on the computer screen while enhancing and perfecting your smile – the size and shape of your teeth, their color, position, proportions and how they fit into your mouth and lips. We want you to get excited about your new smile and we get equally excited about the opportunity to show our patients what their smiles would look like.

We then guide you through every detail of your treatment plan by explaining what we will need to do to take your new smile from computer imagery to reality through the use of virtual and physical mock-ups. If your treatment requires restorations, such as veneers, dental crowns and bridges, we send all of the necessary images and scans to a dental laboratory where your restorations will be custom made by dental technicians also trained in the concepts of Digital Smile Design. If your dentist determines that you might benefit from the straitening of your teeth, the same digital data can be utilized in creating clear aligners, such as Invisalign.


Digital Smile Design at a glance:
  • Doctors trained and certified in using Digital Smile Design protocol
  • Fully digital process that does not require conventional impressions
  • Allows your dentist to plan your treatment in 3D by looking at your teeth and jaws at every angle
  • Provides new level of convenience and comfort
  • Gives you visual, easy to understand information about your treatment
  • Allows you to preview your new smile before the treatment begins
  • Improves communication between you and your dentist
  • Your new smile is designed based on your unique facial features and proportions
  • Seamlessly integrates with other digital technologies such as precision milling and 3D printing used in creating custom restorations and aligners

With the Digital Smile Design services that we offer at PDX Smile Design, the whole process of achieving the smile of your dreams is visual, predictable, precise and geared towards your unique needs and facial characteristics.


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