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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges
Replacing Damaged or Missing Teeth

As dentists we are obsessed with teeth. It sounds strange, but it is true. We study them with the same level of attention as geologists study precious stones. In fact, their similarities do not end there. Teeth, just like precious stones, are masterfully designed by nature and endlessly beautiful in their complexity. They come in many nuanced shades, transmit light, and combine so many blended colors that an experienced artist would struggle to reproduce them.


Yet, that is exactly what we get to do when we have to restore broken or missing teeth with dental bridges. At PDX Smile Design, we pay equal amounts of attention to functional and aesthetic aspects of restoring teeth, making sure that every restoration that we place has a balance of strength and beauty.


In order to do accomplish this, we utilize the most advanced dental materials that have life-like translucency, yet are much stronger than natural tooth enamel. In fact, with rapid advances in dentistry, in a lot of cases, we are able to eliminate the metal core in our restorations (which was required in the past) relying instead on the improved strength and optical qualities of the new generation of dental ceramics and space-age alloys that blend much better with the other teeth.


We also choose to work with leading dental laboratories who share our vision and who are able to meet our demands. The laboratory technicians that make our bridges and veneers are skilled craftsmen that take pride in their work, no matter if the restoration needs to be made by hand or produced with the help of 3D printing technology and computerized milling machines utilizing a fully digital protocol. One of the laboratories we use is located in Beverly Hills, California and it specializes in working with celebrity clientele placing a very high emphasis on their appearance.


No matter how demanding a clinical case might be, the dentists at PDX Smile Design are prepared to solve it by restoring broken or missing teeth with bridges that can meet your expectations of getting your smile to its full potential, whether you dream of appearing on the big screen or just looking your best in family photos. Please call 503-788-0405 to schedule an appointment for a complete dental examination to determine if you need dental bridges.

Reasons you might need a dental bridge:
  • To restore a tooth or teeth weakened by decay or fracture
  • To seal and protect teeth that had root canal treatment
  • To rebuild teeth that cannot be restored with direct fillings
  • To replace large fillings when there is not enough tooth structure remaining
  • To cover imperfections and to reshape teeth
  • To restore chewing function
  • To cover visible parts of dental implants
  • To harmonize the appearance of the smile


Dental bridges at a glance:
  • The best way to restore missing, broken, decayed or misshapen teeth
  • Provide long-term solution for teeth that can not be restored with a filling
  • Have a life-like appearance and blend well with other teeth
  • Made of advanced materials combining strength and natural optical qualities
  • Necessary component of any implant-based tooth replacement
  • Have much better longevity compared to alternatives and can last for decades
  • Can be designed, previewed and approved in 3D using computer technology
  • Do not require messy impression materials with the help of a digital scanner


We offer the best to our patients. Highest standards of work is our must!